How To Secure Your Online Accounts Using Backupify

Do you know how to secure your online accounts?  Do you  fear losing your accounts online?  Do you want to preserve all the videos and photos you post online?  You need a back up.   The solution is to back up your accounts using Backupify.
Backupify will make sure that your accounts are safe and everything you post in it are not corrupted.  With uncomplicated steps and user-friendly feature, Backupify will help you keep your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other accounts safe and secured. See my tutorial below to know how to use Backupify and start making back ups for your accounts now.
Start safe-keeping your online accounts now.  Start Backupify-ing them.

How To Log In Your Computer Remotely

Imagine this.
What if, after getting my pay from my client, I decided to go unwind in the fabulous island of Boracay. While feeling the white sand under my feet and basking in the sun, my client suddenly called me and asked for a certain files he needed ASAP? What if I haven’t transferred that files from my pc–which is innocently sitting on my desk at home, to my laptop which I brought along? Do I book a flight going home immediately to retrieve my client’s file? Maybe if I live before Log Me In entered the chaotic world of the internet. But thanks to technology, Log Me In has come to save the day!
Appropriately named, Log Me In allows its users to see and retrieve anything they need from another computer remotely.  You save yourself (and your client) the trouble by just logging in to Log Me In and voila! You can access whatever you need from another desktop/laptop.  I personally love this tool.   Log Me In works like a remote control so you can see, copy, move, delete, change settings of, send and do anything you want with your files on your other computer wherever you are!
I will definitely be using Log Me In to make my Virtual Assistant life in the city more convenient and worry-free!
Try Log Me In yourself by following this easy tutorial I have prepared.

How To Save All Your Passwords and Fill Out Forms Using Roboform

Know How To Save All Your Passwords and Fill Out Forms Using Roboform.

If you are like me who’s got too many accounts in the internet, the usual problem you can encounter is forgetting your passwords or getting it all mixed up. To save yourself the trouble from wasting time asking the site to send you a new password or worse, locking yourself out from your account, use Roboform.

Roboform is like a ‘robot’ that saves all your passwords so you wont have to write them all down in a notepad or memorize them one by one.

For a busy virtual assistant in the city like me, Roboform is a heaven-sent tool! One master password is all it takes for you to open all your accounts in the internet.

Another feature of Roboform that is indispensable is that Roboform allows you to save your information you need in filling out forms in the internet in a flash! That’s convenience in a click! Total time saver. To enjoy using Roboform, check out my tutorial below.

How To Post On Multiple Sites In One Click

If you have more than one social media site to update and maintain, save your time by posting to ALL of them in one click.

Yes, you don’t have to open each account and copy+paste your post for your friends and followers to see.   Just create an account in and you get updated without the hassle. Follow these no-brainer steps.

Step: Sign up an account in

Step 2: Get started by adding your social network

Step 3: Click Link to _____ (Twitter,Facebook or whatever it is you choose)

Step 4: Click Authorize App

Step 5: You may select where to Ping (your status, blog, etc.)

Step 6: Type your message/post in the box, click Pint it! and your status in your multiple accounts will be updated.

Easy-breezy way to stay socially active without compromising your time. Go ahead and tweet, share what’s on your mind or blog away—all in one click! Ping it!

See Scribd presentation for a more graphic demonstration.